Reflector Enhancer Flooring System

The REFLECTOR™ Enhancer Flooring System is perfect for

  • Retail Stores
  • Residential living spaces
  • Hotels and Casinos
  • Office Buildings
  • Garage Floors
  • Schools and Universities
  • Medical & Clean Rooms
  • Dealership Showrooms
  • Food prep areas
  • Sports Arenas
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Shopping Malls
  • Theme Parks
  • Restaurants
A color chart of different colors and their names.

Note: The colors on this chart are represented as closely as possible. Variations should be expected due to differences in; substrate condition, thickness of application, speed of curing, blending of colors, application method and color of initial primer coat.

REFLECTOR Enhancer Flooring Systems were engineered with three primary objectives in mind; cost effectiveness, extreme durability and unique aesthetic appeal. These floor coatings give specifi- ers, designers and property owners the ability to have floors with little to no maintenance and custom designed floor colors and patterns that cannot be achieved with other flooring products.

A floor that has been painted with brown and yellow colors.

Although upon initial view the finish looks like that of a chemically reactive type stain or dye, the color and variation is much deeper. Taking a closer look, you can see tiny reflective particles not achieved with typical mica powers that tend to fade and/or interfere with floor strength. The end result is a floor that can be designed around the theme of the sur- roundings, not one that will overwhelm or be too conventionally plain and expected.

A gym with several machines and a floor that has orange color.

Description: A fluid applied resin based flooring system where a completely unique, durable and cost effective floor is required. Unlike conventional concrete stains and dyes, these systems do not simply color the concrete but because they are resin based, increase the strength properties of the floor.


  • Seamless with no grout lines.
  • Industrial grade, high traffic durability.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Superior abrasion and slip resistance options.
  • Limitless colors or patterns.

Typical use:

  • Commercial: retail, shopping malls, automobile dealerships, medical offices, restaurants, sports areas.
  • Residential: living areas, basements, garage floors.
A gold banner with red and brown accents.

Concrete Consulting

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